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The PTA plays a critical role in supporting the quality of education for our children by fundraising for supplies & equipment whilst strengthening our school community.  Examples of past fundraising successes include the purchase of playground climbing frames, sports kits, and books.  The PTA also funds services such as GroupCall (our text messaging service).  This year, subject to member approval, we are fundraising to raise £25,000 to update the classroom libraries and create additional play space in the Junior playground.


Every parent of a child attending Gidea Park Primary is automatically a member of the PTA, led by a committee who plan and direct fundraising initiatives and events.  It is PTA members, however, who determine how successful our fundraising initiatives are.  Every event relies on parents, grandparents, and other carers to take leading roles in planning stages, as well as volunteering during the event itself.  


PTA members come from diverse backgrounds & contribute in a number of different ways.  Some offer their time or skills, while others provide connections or resources to help us manage our PTA more effectively.  We aspire to be as inclusive as possible, ensuring that all PTA members can contribute regardless of work, family or personal commitments.


If you would like to support your child’s education by being more involved in the PTA, please get in touch at GIDEAPARKPTA@HOTMAIL.CO.UK 


The current PTA committee includes:


Chair: Donica Cunnington

Vice Chair: Claire Challice (Y4) and Andrea Gosling (Y4)

Secretary: Kathy Urwin (Y2 & Y4)

Treasurer: Rebecca Sanderson (YR & Y4)

Committee members: Katie Hill (YR & Y3), Sarah Rejek (Y2 & Y4) and Victoria Worley (YR)



Following the continued success of this venture, the PTA, will again be purchasing tickets to Southend’s Adventure Island.

These tickets areavailable now.  Order forms available outside the office 

We are unable to refund any unused tickets but we can exchange them for tickets. 


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