The Role of Governors

The school governors are a group of volunteers whose purpose is to offer strategic guidance to the school’s leadership team.  Ultimately, their aim is to support the school in providing the optimum working environment for its staff and enabling each pupil to reach his or her full potential.  They are not involved in the operational aspects of the school.

The majority of their work is carried out in two committees which meet termly:

  • The Curriculum Committee monitors teaching & learning, pupil progress and school improvement.
  • The Resources Committee monitors all financial matters, ensuring that money is spent wisely; health & safety; and safeguarding.

Each committee is made up of a selection of governors selected for their knowledge, skills and aptitude and they report back to the full governing body which meets once a term. 

The governing body work with the school’s leadership team to formulate a three-year strategic overview with overarching principles, so that there is a clear vision in place for the school. These principles ensure that pupils are given the best opportunities to develop academically, physically, and emotionally.  In developing the three-year plan, the school’s core values of perseverance, respect, achievement, independence and responsibility, and the school motto of ‘Achieving Excellence Together’, are a guiding influence.

Governors monitor the Senior Leadership Team’s implementation of this strategic vision through regular, rigorous feedback on an annual School Development Plan, which breaks each principle down into actions the school will take to achieve its aim.



To support and develop leadership capacity across the school for staff and governors

Curriculum Development

To continue to develop an engaging and inspiring curriculum, ensuring that acquisition of key vocabulary and knowledge builds effectively on prior learning

Teaching & Learning

To continue to develop our staff so that they are confident in providing high quality first teaching and learning experiences that will enable our children to become confident learners who embody the school’s core values in all that they do

Behaviour & Attitudes

To continue to build a culture of excellence, perseverance, aspiration and enjoyment for all staff, pupils, and parents


To ensure that pupils of all abilities make good or better progress across the curriculum so that our children are well prepared for the next stage of their learning journey

Strategic Plan

The governing body operates a long term strategic plan, which can be found below.

Governing Body Strategic Plan 2022-2027