Head Boy / Head Girl

Head Girl - Erin

My name is Erin and I’m proud to represent the school as Head Girl. 

I’m in 6S and enjoy doing sports, art and creative writing. As well as this, I like music, dancing and reading. I’m very competitive and always push myself and others to be at their best. I am ready to take on the responsibility and I’m excited to help lead the school to the highest level possible.

Head Boy - Henry

My name is Henry and I am pleased to be the first Head Boy at Gidea Park Primary School.

I enjoy coming to Gidea Park Primary as it is a great community and safe environment.  I am sure that every child that attends Gidea Park will enjoy it as much as me and get to meet a lot of smiling faces each day.  At Gidea Park we have a great learning environment and each child gets all the help they need and is guaranteed to thrive in most of their subjects.  At Gidea Park Primary we get to read lots of interesting books and take part in reading challenges.

I enjoy taking part in the after school clubs and activities that the school provides and also we have an amazing PTA that organises incredible experiences like halloween hunt, christmas bazaar and summer fete. At Gidea Park they teach you to follow core values such as respect,  independence,  achievement, perseverance and responsibility.

We also have a school council in which a child from each year gets to meet regularly with other classes and years to give everyone a voice and share each other's ideas to make the school the best it can be.

The teachers are really helpful and will help you achieve your goals and will always ensure that a good example is set and to help your child’s confidence grow from reception to Year 6.

I am hoping that if your child attends Gidea Park Primary School they may also get the chance to be Head Boy or Head Girl.