We place a high value on sport at Gidea Park Primary School, and children are given the opportunity to compete and represent their school at a number of different events over the course of the year, many of these being organised by Havering Sports Collective. Below you will find details about our involvement in a variety of competitive sporting events including football, netball, athletics and more. You will also find links to results from previous years to see how we have performed historically.


Part of our success in sporting competitions comes from the work our children put in to train and prepare for events and tournaments. We run training sessions for our sports teams before and after school to prepare them for local competitions, which form part of our clubs offer; please see the clubs page via the below link to find out more information about what we offer at the school. 



At Gidea Park we run football teams in Year 5/6 for both boys and girls. Teams train weekly and have the opportunity to play in friendly matches against local schools, as well as competing in other local league and cup competitions. We also run training for Year 3/4, who will also compete in both friendly matches and borough competitions throughout the year. A friendly competition against local schools will also take place for children in Year 1-2 in the summer term.

Year 5/6 Boys Results

W11 D6 L1

6/10/23 - Friendly

  • GPPS 1-0 Rise Park
    • Luke

19/10/23 - Friendly

  • GPPS 2-2 Harold Wood
    • Charlie R 2

23/11/23 - Borough Cup, Round One

  • GPPS 1-0 Harold Court
    • Luke
  • GPPS 0-0 Towers
  • GPPS 0-2 Harrow Lodge
  • GPPS 0-0 Scargill

A very tight group with many teams beating one another and no run away winner, a goal in either of the draws - and there were chances! - would likely have been enough to see the boys qualify, but it was not to be. An unfortunately swift end to our cup run for a very talented Y5/6 boys team. 

25/01/24 - Friendly

  • GPPS 4-2 Crownfield
    • Harry 2, Luke 2

02/02/24 - Friendly

  • GPPS 5-1 St Mary's
    • Luke 3, Ayden, Charlie H

21/03/24 - B Team Friendly

  • GPPS 5-1 Crownfield
    • Seth 2, Charlie H, OG 2

02/05/24 - Upminster Tournament

  • GPPS 0-0 Harold Wood
  • GPPS 0-0 Langtons
  • GPPS 3-0 Mawney
    • Josh 2, Charlie H
  • GPPS 4-0 Draper's Brookside
    • Seth 2, Jesse, Luke
  • GPPS 4-0 Oakfields
    • Josh (pen), Charlie H, Jesse, Harry
  • GPPS 2-0 Upminster Juniors 
    • Harry 2
  • GPPS 1-0 Nelmes
    • OG
  • GPPS 0-0 Crownfield Juniors
  • GPPS 2-0 Elm Park
    • Luke, Harry

A fantastic final outing for the Y5/6 Boys Team, unbeaten on the day with not a single goal conceded! Some unfortunate 0-0 draws meant the team came in second place on the day but some excellent football was played, with an impressive record of 16 goals for and 0 against!

Year 5/6 Girls Results

W3 D2 L2

17/10/23 - Friendly

  • GPPS 2-0 Suttons
    • Valentina, Harper-Mae

7/11/23 - Friendly

  • GPPS 1-1 Nelmes
    • OG

23/11/23 - Borough Cup, Round One

  • GPPS 0-0 Harold Court
  • GPPS 0-1 Towers
  • GPPS 3-0 Harrow Lodge
    • Lois 2, OG
  • GPPS 1-2 Scargill
    • Ava

A great team performance by the girls, with a convincing win in one game, and, having gone a goal up, unfortunate not have made it two wins at the end. A great day out, and it was always going to be a big ask to replicate last year's success!

29/2/24 - Friendly

  • GPPS 4-0 Crownfield
    • Lois 3, Kitty

Year 3/4 Boys Results

W3 D3 L0

15/11/23 - Tournament

  • GPPS 0-0 Harold Wood
  • GPPS 2-0 Scotts
    • Luke 2
  • GPPS 2-2 Langtons
    • Grayson B, Joe
  • GPPS 0-0 Clockhouse
  • GPPS 1-0 ST Joseph's
    • Luke
  • GPPS 3-2 Rise Park
    • Grayson B, OG, Tommy

A great unbeaten day out for the Y3/4 boys team, but unfortunately only enough to get them second place in the group and not qualify for the semi-finals.

Year 3/4 Girls Results


Year 2 Results

W4 D0 L0

24/4/24 Tournament

  • GPPS 4-0 Oakfields
    • Xander 2, Joseph 2
  • GPPS 11-0 St Joseph's
    • Xander 5, Joseph 3, Clarke 2, Jimmy
  • GPPS 3-1 Towers
    • Xander 3
  • GPPS 4-3 Drapers Brookside
    • Xander 2, Jimmy, Oliver

Year 1 Results

W3 D3 L0

24/4/24 - Tournament

  • GPPS 1-1 Parsonage Farm
  • GPPS 4-0 Crowlands
  • GPPS 3-0 St Patrick's
  • GPPS 2-2 Scotts
  • GPPS 1-1 Mawney
  • GPPS 1-0 James Oglethorpe


  • Jack 6, Theodore 2, Sebastian, Elliot, Cooper, Sonni


08/03/24 - Y5/6 Boys B Team vs St Mary's - postponed

12/03/24 - Y5/6 Girls vs St Mary's - postponed

Top Scorers

Xander (Y2) 12
Luke (Y6) 9
Harry (Y6) 6
Jack (Y1) 6
Lois (Y6) 5
Joseph (Y2) 5
Charlie H (Y5) 4
Seth (Y5) 4
Luke (Y4) 3
Josh (Y5) 3
Charlie R (Y5) 2
Grayson B (Y4) 2
Jesse (Y6) 2
Jimmy (Y2) 2
Clarke (Y2) 2
Theodore (Y1) 2
Valentina (Y5) 1
Harper-Mae (Y5) 1
Joe (Y4) 1
Tommy (Y4) 1
Ava (Y6) 1
Ayden (Y6) 1
Kitty (Y6) 1
Oliver (Y2) 1
Sebastian (Y1) 1
Elliot (Y1) 1
Cooper (Y1) 1
Sonni (Y1) 1


We run a mixed Year 5-6 netball team which trains weekly and plays in local friendly and league matches.


2/10/23 - Friendly

  • GPPS 5-1 Rise Park

13/10/23 - Friendly

  • GPPS 1-1 St Mary's Hare Park

28/11/23 - Borough Cup, Round 1

Gidea Park Year 5/6 netball team faced off in three matches against Langtons, St Edward's and La Salette in their group stage games. The team applied all they had learnt in training this year and played their best netball to date, comfortably winning all three games and seeing themselves progress to the quarter finals!

27/2/24 - Borough Cup, Quarter Finals

With three months more training under their belts, the Year 5/6 netball team were primed and ready for their quarter final group stage, winning all but one of their games in a challenging group and qualifying for the semi-finals. 

13/3/24 - Borough Cup, Finals

Spirits were high, as was the quality of the netball played. Unfortunately, despite the team's high hopes, this was not to be the school's second year in a row with representation at the London Youth Games, but the team can hold their heads high with a respectable 4th place finish out of all the primary schools in Havering. 



There are a number of events over the course of the school year which give children from all year groups the opportunity to participate in a range of activities. These include cross country, sportshall athetlics, quad kids and our annual school sports day.

Cross Country

After training hard every week in September and October, the Year 5/6 cross country team competed in the Havering competition on Thursday 12th October. The team competed incredibly well across a challenging course, many runners placing very highly out of the 200 competitors per race. We are proud to say that for the third year in a row we had representation at the London Youth Games, after Ava in Year 6 finished in 7th place - huge congratulations to Ava.

Sportshall Athletics

After training hard over the course of Autumn and Spring terms respectively, our Sportshall Athletics teams have achieved very well in their competitions:

Year 5/6 - second place

Year 3/4 - first place

Year 2 - 

Year 1 - second place

 Quad Kids

Trials for Key Stage 1 & 2 Quad Kids took place in the Spring Term; teams are currently in training for competitions later in the Summer Term. Details about Quad Kids can be found at

Mini Marathon

In April, 50 children from KS2 travelled to London with their parents to run in the Mini Marathon, completing the last mile of the famous 26-mile course a day before the big race. Children and parents had a fantastic day out, with some great performances and a number of quick times - race results can be found on the website by searching for Wave 33. We are proud to share that of the 460 runners in Wave 33, three GPPS pupils came in the top 10, finishing in under 7 minutes - well done to Luke (Y4), Eddie (Y6) and Grayson (Y4)!

Other Events

Children also have the opportunity to compete in a number of other events over the course of the year; in the past these have included tag rugby, climbing, cricket, rounders, orienteering, scavenger hunt, skipping and more.

London Youth Games

Many of the borough competitions which we enter as a school are pathways, on either an individual or a team level, to the London Youth Games, the largest annual sporting event in Europe. We are immensely proud that over the years we have had a number of children qualify to represent the borough and compete against talented athletes from all across London. 

This year, Ava in Year 6 has qualified to represent Havering for cross-country after her 7th place finish in the Year 6 girls race.

In 2022/23, after her impressive performance and second place finish in the Havering Cross Country event, Lucie in Year 6 qualified to represent the borough. Our Year 5/6 girls' football team were also awarded this honour after winning the Havering tourament, facing winning teams from other London boroughs.

Prior to this, in 2021/22, we were fortunate to be represented in cross-country at the games by six of our Year 6 children (Connor, Olly, Harry, Oliver, Skye and Erin).

Havering Sports Council: Primary Team of the Year

This year, for the third year in a row, we are proud to share that a GPPS team has won Primary Team of the Year at the Havering Sports Council awards! This year our Year 5/6 Girls' Football Team won the award after their success in the Havering tournament and subsequent participation in the London Youth Games last year. In 2021/22 our Year 5/6 Girls' Football team won the shield, and 2022/23 was the turn of the Year 5/6 Netball team. We are immensely proud of these achievements and know all three teams teams thoroughly deserved the award after all their hard work.


Y5-6 Netball: Player of the Season

2024 - 

2023 - Yash

Y5-6 Boys' Football: Player of the Season

2024 - 

2023 - Zachary

2022 - Harry

Y5-6 Boys' Football: Most Improved Player

2024 - 

2023 - Oliver

2022 - Ruben

Y5-6 Girls' Football: Player of the Season

2024 - 

2023 - Lola

2022 - Scarlett

Y5-6 Girls' Football: Most Improved Player

2024 - 

2023 - Rosie

2022 - Amelia

Football: Top Scorer

2024 - 

2023 - Lottie

2022 - Harry

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