We place a high value on sport at Gidea Park Primary School, and children are given the opportunity to compete and represent their school at a number of different events over the course of the year, many of these being organised by Havering Sports Collective.




At Gidea Park we run football teams in Year 5/6 for both boys and girls. Teams train weekly and have the opportunity to play in friendly matches against local schools, as well as competing in other local league and cup competitions. We also run training for Year 3/4 boys and girls, for whom there will be friendly matches in the Summer Term. 

Year 5/6 Boys Results

14.10.21, Friendlies

  • GPPS A 8 -1 Gidea Park College A
  • GPPS B 4-1 Gidea Park College B

18.11.21, League Round 1

  • GPPS 5-0 Newtons
  • GPPS 1-0 Benhurst
  • GPPS 2-1 St Patricks
  • GPPS 3-1 Scotts

A 100% record saw the GPPS boys team top their group and qualify for the next round.

03.03.22, League Round 2

  • GPPS 1-0 RJ Mitchell
  • GPPS 0-0 James Oglethorpe
  • GPPS 3-1 Drapers Pyrgo
  • GPPS 0-0 Clockhouse
  • GPPS 1-0 Crowlands
  • GPPS 0-2 Parklands

A good showing for the boys team in round 2, with 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat. That saw them finish second place in the group and qualify for the quarter finals.

29.03.22, League Finals

  • GPPS 0-1 Parklands
  • GPPS 2-0 St Mary's
  • GPPS 0-2 Branfill
  • GPPS 0-1 Whybridge
  • GPPS 1-2 Ardleigh Green

A strong final outing for the boys team but unfortunately not enough to be crowned champions, with only one win on the day and some tight, closely fought defeats. They performed admirably througout the tournament showing great sportsmanship and teamwork, and should be proud of being one of the top 6 teams out of the 70 primary schools in Havering. 

10.5.22, Y6 Friendly

  • GPPS 1-2 St Mary's

9.6.22, Y5-6 Friendly

  • GPPS 5-1 Crownfields

24.6.22, Y5-6 Friendly

  • GPPS 1-1 Scotts

Year 5/6 Girls Results

10.11.21, Friendlies

  • GPPS A 2-2 Gidea Park College A
  • GPPS B 1-1 Gidea Park College B

18.11.21, League Round 1

  • GPPS 1-0 St Patricks
  • GPPS 2-0 Scotts
  • GPPS 2-1 Benhurst

A 100% record saw the GPPS girls team top their group and qualify for the next round. 

15.03.22, League Round 2

  • GPPS 0-0 St Edwards
  • GPPS 0-0 Elm Park
  • GPPS 0-3 RJ Mitchell
  • GPPS 2-0 St Albans

The girls team finished the second round of games with 1 win, 2 draws and 1 defeat. Unfortunately this meant that they did not qualify for the final round; they performed well however, with great spirit, and the school are proud of their achievements.

16.5.22, Friendly

  • GPPS 9-1 Parklands

Year 3/4 Boys Results

10.6.22, Friendly

  • GPPS 10-1 Gidea Park College
  • GPPS 5-0 Rise Park


8.7.22 - Y5 boys friendly vs St Mary's

Cup Top Scorers

1. Harry 5
2. Gerson 4
2. Olly 4
2. Oliver 4
5. Thuy-Trang 3
6. Lottie 2
6. Scarlett 2
8. Sam 1


Our new netballers in Y4-5 have spent this year learning the game and are now ready for some friendly matches ahead of rejoining the local netball league in 2022/23.


10.6.22, Friendlies

  • GPPS 14-2 Gidea Park College
  • GPPS 10-0 Gidea Park College


date tbc - friendly vs Scotts


There are a number of events over the course of the school year which given children from all year groups the opportunity to participate in a range of activities.

All children from Reception to Year 6 competed in a 'Virtual Cross Country Run', with courses varying from 500m for younger pupils up to 1600m for the older ones.

In March, children from Year 1-6 competed in Sporthall Athletics competitions. The Year 5/6 team finished in second place on the day and third overall from a total of 28 schools. The Year 3/4 team came in fourth, while Year 1/2 managed a sixth place finish. Well done to all of our teams.

In the Summer Term, all year groups will have the opportunity to compete in Quad Kids, and our school Sports Day.

Other Events

Children also have the opportunity to compete in a number of other events over the course of the year, including cricket, rounders, orienteering, scavenger hunt, skipping and more.

In November, a number of children from Key Stage 2 competed in a 'panathlon', giving them the opportunity to try out a number of sporting challenges.

London Youth Games

Congratulations to six of our Year 6 children (Connor, Olly, Harry, Oliver, Skye and Erin) who qualified to represent Havering in the U11 Cross-Country Competition at the 2021 London Youth Games, the largest annual sporting event in Europe! Competitors from across all 33 London boroughs took part over a challenging 1.5km course and we are very proud of the achievements of our six athletes. The Havering U11 boys' team came in 13th out of the 33 boroughs, whilst the girls' team came in 10th.