School Dinners

School dinners - SQuid Payment

We recently moved across to using the online SQuid payment system for our school dinners. When your child starts school, you will be given a letter explaining how to register on the SQuid website. Then you can top-up your child's lunch money account using debit/credit card or online banking. 


At the beginning of the day, your child will be asked to choose a set menu from a choice of 3. Then following service, your SQuid account will be debited the cost of a meal. As we are a healthy school, there are no drinks on sale but water is available or your child may bring their own carton of juice.


Help guide for using Squid can be found here

Havering Catering Menus

Free Infant School Meals 

From September 2014 there has been no charge for infant school meals and children are allowed to bring in their own sugar free juice drinks. Anyone entitled to Free School Dinners are still encouraged to register with the Local Authority as the school can then claim 'Pupil Premium' funding to cover the cost of all school trips for a minimum of 6 years. [Please see application form below]

Free School Meals and Pupil Premium Grant application form